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Car Locksmith Austin – What We Can Do For You


This can happen to any of us at any time. We can all get locked out our vehicles from time to time. The car or truck keys are left (or jammed!) in the ignition.   They are left on the front seat, or we may have simply lost them.  There is help at hand. Car Locksmith Austin provides a 24/7 emergency service. This locksmith Austin company can provide the following services:

  • We can unlock both trucks and cars.
  •  Extract broken keys from the ignition.
  • We are (legally) extremely good at picking locks.
  •  Keys can be replaced.  This covers a full range of US makes, as well as foreign vehicles.
  • New keys can be reproduced and made.
  • Keys can be duplicated
  • Of course, we can open the trunk if that is needed for car locksmith Austin service.

 An Austin locksmith is also able to deal with the technological advances in modern vehicle key designs. The following modern key systems can also be replaced.

  • Immobilizer keys.
  • Transponder keys.
  • Keys using microchips

If you are an owner of a new key, and you are worried that only the dealer can reprogram a transponder, then you will be delighted to know that an automotive locksmith Austin is also able to undertake this work on the spot, particularly where your car is immobilized. Our mobile locksmith Austin services are truly mobile.  The bulk of the work can be done onsite by an experienced crew from our auto locksmith Austin companyHowever, if more work needs to be done on your vehicle, then Car Locksmith Austin can provide the additional help.

Car Locksmith Austin Services


There are a variety of other services that can also be provided by our car locksmith Austin company. This professional towing service provides a number of different options.

  • Larger trucks and vehicles, in general, can be moved by heavy duty trucks.
  • The latest towing vehicles are available.

General assistance is also available from our locksmith Austin company.

  • Car batteries can be replaced on the spot.
  • We can jump start the battery if needed.
  • We can recharge the battery, too.
  • We can also replace a flat tire.

If the vehicle engine fails to start, then there will be the full diagnostic check of the whole engine system to see what is wrong. This can then be attended to at the site, or your vehicle can be towed away to a garage for further work.

Our car locksmith Austin technicians can readily deal with basics, like the gas tank being empty or the oil levels being way too low and the radiator water running low. This can again be sorted out on the spot. However, your vehicle may need to be moved to a garage for further inspection and maintenance work. This can possibly be linked to a problem with a broken car key; the whole ignition system may need replacing.

 Our Austin Locksmith company will be able to cope with any of these eventualities if you do have an emergency. This applies to any size, age, or make of the vehicle. This car locksmith Austin company will be able to sort out the bulk of these problems and quickly get you on the road again.

 Car Locksmith Austin – For Your Motor Bikes


Most car locksmith Austin services are just for four-wheeled vehicles. However, our automotive locksmith Austin emergency service is also available for motorbikes.  As a  serious biker, you may own a Harley, Suzuki, Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, or even a Ducati. You may have to use a motorbike as part of your business.  If there is any emergency, you will want your bike repaired as quickly as possible. They same general services can be offered to you as the ones provided for motor vehicles. Special flatbed trucks or towing dollies can be used to tow away motorbikes.  The motor can then be properly repaired with the help of auto locksmith Austin.  Again, exactly the same key replacement service is available from Car Locksmith Austin.

A fixed set of fees that will be charged for towing vehicles and motorbikes. There are no other hidden costs. Any emergency will be charged at very reasonable rates.


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